Charlene arranged for his family to visit Boston.

The dog was in the box under the table.

Tell me. I'm all ears.

I don't need such superficial friends.

Time has no divisions to mark its passage, there is never a thunderstorm or blare of trumpets to announce the beginning of a new month or year. Even when a new century begins it is only we mortals who ring bells and fire off pistols.

Cows give us milk and chickens give us eggs.


Yesterday I saw an old acquaintance whom I hadn't seen in ten years.


You don't know anything about me.

Go back to the waiting room.

It looks like No's been busy.

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Leave it off.

Maybe all of Margie's suggestions weren't stupid.

He is still very much alive.

It's not time to be kicking up a fuss.

Miltos tried to put the key in the ignition.


I don't know what you think I can do.


Deborah looked off into the distance.

No one can step twice into the same river.

The mouse ran under the bed.

Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.

I talked to him on the phone.

Carl was astounded and fascinated by what he saw there.

Do you want to buy something or not?

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Two hours is too long to wait.

Thousands of dollars in scholarships go unclaimed each year.

People wonder whether Melinda is suffering from substance abuse, mental illness or just ignorance. I think it might be all three of those.


Johnathan is helping his mother wash the windows.


Stop using my stuff.

Rolf might become famous.

He told me that he liked to work in Chad.


She called her mother.

I have no idea what you're talking about.

Are you hungry? I can make you a sandwich if you want.


I think I like you.

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He treated himself to a new car.


When Aunt Romain passed away without making a will, her death was a total loss.

My dad taught me how to do it.

The river rose above the level of the dam.


If you don't want to go, just tell Johnathan that you're not interested.

Have you read Cliff Jackson's book?

What are the five senses?

In order to put into application the case of treating Japanese, Masato Hagiwara all by himself wrote an additional chapter 12 for Japan that is not in the original book.

All I did was run a little and now my knees are wobbly.

He may come tomorrow afternoon.

They're under arrest.


Sassan has finally decided that he has to go to Boston.


I'd like you to come at nine.

Where's your better half?

After falling victim to clickbait, my computer caught a virus.

It's as beautiful as you said it would be.

He invited her for a spa weekend.


The only one who has a problem is you.

I'm going to Boston for Thanksgiving.

No woman had ever done this before.

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I gave him two cakes and asked, "Are you going to eat them both?"

Don't make it so hard on Lindsey.

His boss is very demanding.

I've done everything you asked me to.

I'm going to give you something to help you sleep.

there is no coincidence

Marriages based on passionate, blind love seldom work out.

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Don't you think you're putting the cart before the horse?

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I didn't know the actor until I saw the movie.


I was surprised to learn that Benson was a liberal.


She came out of the shop to find thieves had made off with her bicycle.


This year I most definitely have to drive.

Would you like to get slapped?

This novel describes the life of the Japanese as it was a hundred years ago.


You need a lot of water.

You're over-the-top in everything you do.

She makes nothing of getting up early.

This came for you.

Don't feel too sorry for them.

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It's a slippery one.

Stacey wondered if Kyu would remember to buy bread on the way home from work.

Corporate earnings in the first quarter improved sharply.

That could be a problem.

Have you ever thought about modeling?


He's sweet and caring.

Jarmo was waiting for Roland then.

If you knock three times, Claire will let you in.


I don't want her to take over.


If you take this bus, you will reach the village.

I have a theory about Jos.

How can it affect them?

I'll have to get a new exhaust pipe for the car.

I really miss my wife.

Harvey found a hundred dollar bill on the street.

We pay the kid next door to mow our lawn.

From all of us in the crew, we look forward to your flying with us again. We hope you have a nice day.

They would pretend to hate it.

Holly isn't a very smart man.

Furthermore, I still don't think this a huge cultural difference.

War affects us all.

Power plants are the largest major source of emissions in the U.S., together accounting for roughly one-third of all domestic greenhouse gas pollution.


I live in this neighborhood.

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We have suffered enough.

What would you do if war were to break out?

Frankly speaking, I don't like your haircut.


As the days passed, she loved the prince more fondly, and he loved her as he would love a little child, but it never came into his head to make her his wife.

Sridhar won't be able to get there in time.

I'm so sorry that Paul Walker died in a car crash.

Archie scored five runs.

"Ned killed Moe." "What did you say?" "I said Laurianne killed Carsten."


The troops soon put down the rebellion.

They have drunk two bottles of wine.

You have to talk to Shahid.

Is there room in your car for me?

I don't like that word.

Vicky tends to apologize too often.

We need to find out who did this.


Space has no "up" or "down."

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I cannot help you. I myself need help.

Not only she but also you are wrong.

He arrived with me.

They can never achieve that any other way than by force.

I'm not as rich as you are.

Nobody knows where she is.

Sentences can teach us a lot. And a lot more than just words.

I will have a driving test tomorrow.

I've been able to read since I was five.

We'll try to help out.

I'm actually being quite serious.

Proverbs are full of wisdom.

There's something going on here.

We've got no proof Revised did this.

She combed her hair and bound it with a ribbon.

I need something for a child.

I need to talk to him.

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What don't you get?


Dan isn't an arrogant and disdainful guy.

We have to crack down on illegal trading.

My favourite animals are squirrels and stoats, while my girlfriend is fascinated by spiders, strange as it may seem.


He is a real fool.

I think you're strong enough.

The sunshine improved his complexion.

How is it that you know so much about Japanese history?

Even though Ssi was brought up in the country, he loves the hustle and bustle of the city.


I rang the bell and waited.


Hydropower is a renewable resource, but oil, coal and natural gas are not.

Were you really boring?

I may have to come home late, in which case I'll telephone you.

It's really unfortunate.

Alice! a childish story take, / And with a gentle hand / Lay it where Childhood's dreams are twined / In Memory's mystic band, / Like pilgrim's wither'd wreath of flowers / Pluck'd in a far-off land.


I rid the garden of the weeds.


Sanche watched as Phil drove away in her red convertible sports car.

I thought Vilhelm was Mats's father.

This sure sounds familiar.

Josh was extraordinarily handsome.

Father lay watching TV.

This is how it's supposed to be.

Your homework is one important part of the learning experience.

I am from Russia.

I've got to help Kimberly.

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That was why he entered the university.

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No drugs were found.

German banks are among Europe's most troubled.

It's not too far.